STEP 1: Install the Plugin

  1. Copy the Pesapal folder into to app/code directory
  2. Run the magento setup upgrade function: bin/magento setup:upgrade
Should the upgrade function fail, click here for a possible solution.

STEP 2: Setup plugin and complete Configurations

Once you have done this, you need to follow these steps to get it working:

  1. Create a merchant account (Business account) at
    After registration, Pesapal will send you an email with you consumer keys and consumer secret needed to use on the website. You can also create a demo account at which is used for test transactions.

  2. Log into your Magento admin and Clear your cache

    Go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods and you will see. "Pesapal Express"

  3. Setting configurations.

    Set Enabled - YES.

    Test API - NO (if you set this to yes, this means you are using our demo Pesapal API. You will have to open an account on and get the demo consumer keys and secret)
    Enter the Consumer Key & Consumer Secret - You should have received this from the pesapal registration mail . If you lose this, login to your pesapal merchant account at the bottom of the dashboard to find them.

    Note, if you are using DEMO API, get these Keys from your merchant dashboard since pesapal sandbox doesn't not support mailing.

    New order status -This is the default order status set when a user selects pesapal to "processing". All orders with this status mean the user created an order but pending the payment.

  4. Save configurations


  1. Login to your pesapal account.
  2. From the left menu, select Account Settings >> IPN Settings
    1. Add your domain e.g.
    2. Add IPN URL link

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