Get Registered IPNs Endpoint - Get Request

This endpoint allows you to fetch all registered IPN URLs for a particular Pesapal merchant account.

The URL to our GetIPNList API is either:


Bearer Token : Use token generated during authentication.


No payload is required.

Response Parameters

url String The notification url Pesapal with send a status alert to.
created_date String Date and time the IPN URL was registered UTC
ipn_id String A unique identifier that's liked to the IPN endpoint URL. GUID
error Integer
status String Response code.

Sample Response
            "url": "",
            "created_date": "2022-03-03T17:29:03.7208266Z",
            "ipn_id": "e32182ca-0983-4fa0-91bc-c3bb813ba750",
            "error": null,
            "status": "200"
            "url": "",
            "created_date": "2021-12-05T04:23:45.5509243Z",
            "ipn_id": "c3bb813ba750-0983-4fa0-91bc-e32182ca",
            "error": null,
            "status": "200"
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