Pesapal API 3.0

Welcome to Pesapal API 3.0. Getting started with Pesapal is quick and easy!

In this release, you will learn how to use our API endpoints to access Pesapal services. Our APIs are built on REST(Representational State Transfer) thus our data entities are represented as HTTP resources and are accessed using HTTP verbs GET and POST. Requests and responses are JSON encoded.

Find information about integrating your website with Pesapal. This documentation includes sample codes for each API we have.

Postman URL:

Base URLs


Error Object

In case an error occurs during any API call, Pesapal will respond with a json string in the following format : -

    "error": {
        "type": "error_type",
        "code": "response_code",
        "message": "Detailed error message goes here.."
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