Order Cancellation API


The Order Cancellation API enables you to revoke a previously placed order request that remains incomplete on our end. This API facilitates the cancellation of orders that have encountered failures or are pending transactions.

However, there are certain constraints associated with cancelling a prior request:

  1. Cancellation is exclusively supported for failed or pending payments.
  2. A cancellation request can only be submitted once.
  3. Cancellation is not allowed for payments that have already been processed.

You can access our Cancel Order API via the endpoints provided below:


Bearer Token :Use token generated during authentication.

HTTP request headers

Accept: The response format, which is required for operations with a response body.
Content-Type: The request format, which is required for operations with a request body.

Parameter RequiredDescription
Accept Required Should be set to application/json
Content-Type Required Should be set to application/json

Request Parameters

order_tracking_id Guid Required This refers to the original Pesapal Order tracking ID that was returned after submitting your order request earlier during the initial submit order request api call.
Sample Request
        "order_tracking_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

After successfully cancelling the request, the order shall be cancelled on our systems preventing a customer from making further payments to an already cancelled order.

Response Parameters

status message 200 – Order Successfully cancelled. 500 – Order could not be cancelled.
message String A summary of the response received.

Status 200 mean your request to cancel the order has been processed successfully.

Status 500 mean your request to cancel your order has failed due to one or more reasons as shared earlier on the introduction page above.

Sample Response
        "status": "200",
        "message": "Order successfully cancelled."

The Order Cancellation API uses the Pesapal Order Tracking ID to cancel the order. It's important that you store the Pesapal Order Tracking ID that is sent back to your system during your initial order placement stage i.e. on the submit order request endpoint.

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