Pesapal POS API

Our Pesapal Sabi machines have the ability to allow businesses / merchants receive transactional data once customers make payment using these machines.

There are 2 ways you can receive payments done on the Pesapal Sabi machines;

  1. Wireless Connection: This refers to a secure over the internet, HTTP POST REST (Representational State Transfer) API. You will need to share with Pesapal a secured URL (SSL enabled), to which Pesapal will post transactional data for each successful payment made via your Pesapal Sabi machine.

    Click here to view the API documentation.

  2. Wired Connection:

    This refers to a connection between your computer hosting your on-premises POS and the Pesapal Devices through a cable from the PDQ or PinPad. The connection enables the transfer of data from your POS to Pesapal Devices. Pesapal Devices undertake the transactions and send back responses to your POS to undertake next steps based on the response received.

    Access Restriction Notice (Wired Connection)

    Access to Pesapal's Sabi Wired connection APIs is restricted, and availability of documentation and assets is limited.

    • - If you have a developer's account at and wish to request access, kindly contact [email protected]
    • - If you do not currently have a developer's account at, Click here to register. After registration, please get in touch with [email protected] and request for access.
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