Achieving seamless integration with your Point of Sale (POS) is possible through wireless transmission of payment details to your designated endpoint.

The initiation of this request will originate from the pqd devices, and upon a successful transaction, the relevant information will be transmitted to your specified endpoint, allowing you to efficiently settle the bill on your end.

This guide explains the process through which merchants can obtain transactional data after customers make payments on the Sabi terminal.

To facilitate the reception of payments within their external systems, merchants are required to furnish us with a secure URL featuring SSL encryption. Pesapal, in turn, will initiate an HTTP POST request to the merchant system, posting the transaction details with the specified parameters.

ParameterData TypeDescriptionsExample
first_name String Represent the first name of the customer John
last_name String Represents the last name of the customer Doe
phone String Represents the phone number of the customer if provided 0712345678
amount Decimal Represents the amount paid by the customer 1.00
payment_option String Represent the payment option used by the customer eg.Visa,MasterCard,Mpesa Visa
transaction_date datetime Represents date and time when the transaction was done 2019-08-14T14:41:2 1.4612553Z
currency String Represents the currency used during the transaction KES, USD
merchant_reference String Represents the merchant reference in case it was entered by the merchant 1234
id int Represents Pesapal unique ID 12
confirmation_code String Represents either confirmation of payment code for mpesa and cards QWE1234

Sample Request
Sample Response
NB: For a tailored solution corresponding to the above payload, please reach out to [email protected]. Our dedicated team is ready to provide assistance and support.
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