This detailed step by step process below explains how to add Pesapal to your woocommerce Shop to enable you to accept payments using Mobile money (MPESA, Airtel, Voda MPESA, Tigo Pesa, Various Mobile banking apps) and Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

STEP 1: Download the plugin

Download our Pesapal woo-commerce plugin from our official plugins to a known location, preferably your desktop for easy browsing.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend you download only the WooCommerce plugin to avoid confusion when setting up. Our latest WooCommerce version to date is V3.0.8.

STEP 2: Install the plugin

  1. Login in to the admin side of your website. Your website admin link is usually looks like this
  2. Point to Plugins >> Select “Add New” to install the plugin.
  3. Select “Upload Plugin” to browse for the plugin from the location you had previously saved the plugin to during step 1 above.
  4. After browsing for the file, select “Install Now”.
  5. After Installing the plugin, Activate it.
  6. From your navigation bar, point to WooCommerce >> Settings. From the settings page, select "Payments" Tab
  7. You will be able to see Pesapal among the list of payment options you have already added.
  8. Select "Manage" to enable and configure/set the integration keys
  9. Enable the plugin by checking the “Enable Pesapal Payment” option.
  10. Enter your live consumer and secret keys as was sent on your email upon your account creation. If you intend to use demo keys, check the “Use Demo Gateway” option.
  11. Make sure you save your changes for you be to be able to receive payments through Pesapal

To set email notifications for IPN, scroll down the page and enter the email addresses you would like to receive IPN notification. Please note that this step is optional. Only use it if you wish to track your IPN call

Note When payments are completed, you can choose between "Completed" and "Processing" for your WooCommerce order status when setting up our plugin. Simply go to WooCommerce settings > Payments > Pesapal>Mange>Update Paid Orders To to make your selection. This gives you more control over your order management.

STEP 3: Confirm all is well

To do so, go to your shop and checkout a product to see if Pesapal payment option appears

You can now select "Place Order" to see the Pesapal Payment options listed above

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